The Race Cask Ventilator is that one invention, that I wish I had invented! It is so simple, logical and an amazing product that is going to not only keep your Cask Ales in better condition but can put up  to FIVE days extra life per container!

Suitable for use on Casks with vertical or horizontal extraction.

“The Race Cask Ventilator is a simple but effective way of increasing the shelf life of Cask Ales. A dual chamber non return valve only allows external air to enter the cask when beer is drawn. Gas naturally released from the beer is retained in the cask creating a light blanket pressure”.

No need for soft and hard pegs anymore, the ventilator acts as both in turn; when dispensing – Soft Peg – when not – Hard Peg. Simple!

So many of my clients are using these now.

I normally keep a supply and sell them to clients at cost. Contact me for more information if you need it.

Photograph courtesy of The Red Lion Jackson Bridge !


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